E-Z Pass Rip Off

I’ve been blissfully cruising the roads of the Northeast for years unaware that states surrounding my state of NY have been in my wallet. Stealthy and silently grabbing bucks. Don’t get me wrong I love E-Z Pass and zipping through toll stops, I never fail to look at those who don’t and laugh. Thanks to an article in AAA Car & Travel I’m hip now.

Here is the info so you also will know. When you use E-Z Pass in New Jersey you pay 25% more, New Hampshire 30%. It is similar to Maine and West Virginia. This one is the kicker though; the MTA in NY charges $1.70 more per crossing on the Throgs Neck! In a Mea Culpa I have to admit that NY does the same to other states. However legislation is now going on in NY to end the practice. How soon will it be till you’re charged for taking a nap!