RT 28, Just Great…

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We called it, “Death Road’, when I was young cruising up RT 28 towards Woodstock NY. Sure the views were pretty and the countryside passed by, but bubble top cop cars hid everywhere and posted speed markers followed no defined rules. My how things have changed, perception anyway. RT 28 has been named as one of the favorite roads in the U.S. recently.

I guess I shouldn’t be to surprised, the whole area here is getting kudos for its beauty, shopping and lifestyle recently. After naming Saugerties as a top town, we score again with Phoenicia in Budget Traveler mag as a top 10 of the nation’s coolest towns. Hey we knew that for years and frankly quiet about it, who needs a fly fisherman within pole reach on the beautiful Espouse Creek or parking lots filled with those ready to hike the Catskill Mt Peaks.

Okay time to stop grumping, it is good for the businesses that have struggled for years yet we keep them going, it is called shop locally. Still when the NY Times picks the world does listen. Other winners or lets say picks are RT 1 in California and 25 other roads that wind America,