A Summer of Revival, Photography, Speaking and Living

Things are moving quickly again and in so many ways a healthy thing for me, the changes in life opening. I had problems getting pictures from IPhoto on my last trip to the Sailing regatta in Antigua moved over to Picasa, hassle. Still with my very first gallery showing coming up I depend on IPhoto for that.

I start the fast pace this Friday June 8th by speaking at the Mid –Hudson Valley Cancer Society Tournament Dinner as a cancer survivor. A bit nervous about this gig. Then It is on to Long Beach California for two days of a press trip then a bit of a road trip on my own for a couple of nights, always a pleasure, Laguna Beach anyone?

My return starts a busy time with my first gallery show I’ve ever done! I have always loved the medium of photography and a chance to display works for a month, incredible. I get the chance at Family Traditions this summer. July 1 is the Hang Show, July 7th , 5-7 PM is the artist reception. On July 15 is book readings from some pieces I wrote for Travelers Tales and a bit about GoNOMAD’s new Plane Readers with some of my stories included. On August 6th the show comes down and hopefully moves on. Be careful what you ask for…