Beating the heat with a “Snowball”


New Orleans makes you thirsty, really thirsty. For over 60 years, that thirst has been quenched with “Snowballs” also written as sno-balls.

I got lucky tasting my first at a local Saints festival booth on Wednesday evening; finishing the cup sans brain freeze.

There’s really not much to the sweet treat. It’s just chunky shaved ice, flavoring syrup and sweetened condensed milk.

But the Williams-Plum Street venue is special – it serves homemade exotic flavors from old-fashion recipes dating back to 1945 with no artificial sweeteners. That’s what separates it from a regular ‘ol snow cone.

Flavors include standards like strawberry, grape, cherry and orange and originals like lemon meringue, root beer, spearmint, coconut cream, red velvet cake, cinnamon and even tooty-fruity. Cream toppings include nectar, lavender vanilla orchid and bananas foster cream.