Long Beach and MOLAA, a Perfect Blend of Latin Taste

I’m not sure what glossy travel mag put it out but it was something like, Molaa, Museum of Latin American Art was the newest and top five reasons to revisit LA. Luckily for Long Beach it ended up there. Perhaps its because I personally collect as much as possible that I’m jazzed about it or because it was a about time. I believe it is not just the first but only contemp museum on the subject in the Western US. And cool and slick it is. Perhaps because I’m a white Wonder Bread looking type it surprises people but my home has more collected Latin art than anything else.

We happened to stop while they were getting ready for an exhibit opening that very night. One that encourages the visitor to go hands on, amazing, and the name fits well, Play with Me. Artists such as Dario Escobar and Franklin Cassaro did a bang up job! The right off the press catalogue is a keeper. Over one amazing lunch in the museum’s restaurant we sampled some of the best Latin food I’ve ever had. Better yet was the chance to spend with Susan Goldman, the hands on doing it all ruler of the most amazing space not just in LA but also in the US. I congratulate Long Beach on such an amazing artistic space.