Long Beach’s Russian Submarine…

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At one time these two vessels were enemies and the world was iced in Cold War. If this Scorpion was ever in the waters off Long Beach in those days major panic would ensue and panic would rip the coast up in terror. Today she is berthed next to the regal Queen Mary and can be toured. Be warned however that you have to climb; wiggle and squirm through, just the way Russian submariners did, for months at a time.

The sub was part of the Russian Pacific Fleet and even served time off the coast of Vietnam. Once the icy cubes of the Cold War melted she ended in Australia on display until actually put on a ship and taked from Sydney to Long Beach. It is amazing especially after you have checked out the Queen Mary and its luxury set up. No doubt, which I’d have preferred to serve on, “your Martini sir”?