Swimming Stockbridge Bowl in the Beautiful Berkshires

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The Human Rubberband

I’m always looking for a quiet lake where I can take a quick dip and 1. not have to drive far 2. or pay dearly 3. where the water is warm and 4. I can change in clean bathrooms.

Stockbridge Bowl fits the profile.

It’s only 30 minutes outside of Albany, NY surrounded by the beautiful Berkshires mountains wedged between Lenox, Lee and, of course, West Stockbridge. The Boston Symphony orchestra share the 34-room estate bordering the lake when they perform at Tanglewood in the summer.

I took Carolyn, the human rubberband who practices her elastic abilities wherever we go. As I took this photo a huge turtle graced my foot or, at least, I think it was a turtle. I couldn’t see the bottom where I was standing.

The only setback to swimming Stockbridge are dense mats of milfoil and pondweed that invade the bottom. Stepping through slimy non-native vegetation is never a pleasant experience.