Tonight: Russian VodkArt and Zakuski at the Albany Institute

There’s a BIG evening planned for the Albany Institute of History and Art tonight; Friday, June 29th! There’s still time to join us from 5:30-8p.

It’s a Vodka Toasting, Zakuski, Music & Art Event with the Albany-Tula Alliance, our sister-city organization with Tula, Russia.

Local celebrities including former Channel 6 News Anchor Jack Aernecke, Times Union Kristi Gustafson Barlette and Mayor Jerry Jennings will gather to toast to over 20-years of collaboration between Albany and Tula.

Via SKYPE and a big TV monitor, our Russian friends in Tula will also provide us with a giant “Na zdorovje”!

Join us for imported Pristine vodka, Russian exported beer called Baltika, appetizers called Zakuski, Russian tunes and collectibles in a space surrounded by beautiful art.