What I Did This Spring

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The Mount Washington Cog Railway. Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

I have been busy traveling these past couple of months. My parents were visiting us, so we decided to make good use of the balmy spring days. With a six-going-on-seven month old in tow, who I may proudly add is now quite a pro when it comes to road trips. Planes and trains are another story altogether. Will leave it for a future post.

Around mid-May, we did the Cliff Walk in Newport but did not have time to visit the mansions from the Gilded Age, not that I am a fan of fancy houses from yesteryear. The walk was all that it claimed to be. And shout out to Ocean Breeze Cafe for their creamy lobster bisque. Yum. Not all our trips were confined to New England, we did the touristy bit in Washington DC and Niagara Falls. DC didn’t disappoint especially with biker rally and all, but Niagara Falls is just too cliched for me. It has everything you expect in a tourist trap, and some more. Did not see any bears, black or otherwise in Shenandoah National Park but did enjoy the Skyline Drive. Now I know why it makes it to all those Top Ten Drives in USA lists.

Another drive, which was not as wide, was the one up Mount Washington. Apart from the mind-numbing views from atop 6,288 ft, the hairpin bends and bad weather are what makes it  so popular. My favorite part was strolling through the Village of North Conway at the base of the mountain, but when it came to my son, nothing could beat the Cog Railway. Trains rule, I say.