Antarctica Ahoy?

You might wonder why I have put a question mark after Ahoy? I will tell you the tale if you bear with me. It started at Baiguney with Club Mahindra’s conClay. I heard Dr. Priya Venkatesh talk about her expedotion to Antarctica with 2041. I was hooked.

So I decided to apply for the 2013 expedition with Sir Robert Swan and guess what? I got accepted. That is part A. And if you are wondering why is Sir Swan’s¬†expedition called 2041 it is because in that year the no drilling, no mining Antarctica treaty is coming up for review. Watch this video and lets move to part B.


This is the Inspire Antarctica Expedition video for 2013.

The part B is the tough one, I need to raise 22,000 dollars as the expedition fee, the air fare to Argentina (the start point of the expedition) and the gear required for the expedition. So my head is reeling. If I clear part B I get to visit Antarctica! That is part C.

But see what a way I found to get my head out of Everest Base Camp!

I am heading off for a small trek this Saturday and I would be back later in the week. After that I have to get my reeling head around fund raising. And I am going to ask each and every one of you to help me.

Stay tuned for more.

Update 1: Thank you Meena for liking the new theme but it has messed up my customization ūüôĀ Thank you all for the support and ideas that you gave me in the comments. Keep the coming. I am off to Uttarakhand and will be back later in the week. After that I am going to work on making this trip happen. I obviously can’t do this alone. So will need your continued support.