Artisan Cheeses of Midwest Minnesota

Cheese Specialist at LUNDS

Cocoa Baked Bufala Ricotta

Lamb Chop Sheep Cheese

All you have to do is ask about “Cocoa Baked Bufala Ricotta” to start Cheese Specialist Mike Brantl talking about his recent trip to Italy. As the proud employee of the 22nd and newest LUNDS gourmet food chain in Minneapolis, Brantl won a trip to work in Italy for 2 weeks trying out cheeses of all colors, textures and tastes.

It’s Restaurant Week in Minneapolis this week so my producer and I are enjoying the best food the city has to offer. However, if the city didn’t have so many wonderful eateries we could always rely on Lunds for nourishment. The upscale foodie venue is perfect for stocking up premier products, many made using local ingredients.

Much like a ‘mini-me’ equivalent to Wegmans, Lunds carries a collection of unique coffees, juices, sea salts, wines, jams, honeys, cheeses, teas, fruits, pastries and of course, Walleye – the state fish. The cocoa ricotta made the perfect dessert back at the hotel.