Hang’em High, First Photography Showing

You would think it was the easy part, the relax and kick back part, the final part. Nope, a hang seventeen photo is like shooting fish in an ocean. I estimated over 65,000 photos on several portable hard drives. While I’ll admit that it is great to have a visual record of my years of traveling the world- wide road, sometimes it feels as if the road goes on forever. One great thing is to see faces I haven’t in a very long time, seems even if you’ve only shared the press van once something sticks and memories long buried surface.

So Saturday at five my first photo show happens, a long wished for dream soon a reality. So the nervous stomach pops up once and awhile. However the opportunity is such a blessing and the chance to share just where and what I’ve been up to the last sixteen years will be fun. If free and near Family Traditions 3853 Main St. Stone Ridge NY on July 7th i’d love to see you. Photos will be hanging till Aug. 7th and so will I.