Memories of GoNOMAD, Past and Future Meet

There was a good feeling that hit me as we sat out in the yard last night over plates of sushi, the past and future meeting in the middle. Good friend and work partner Max Hartshorne joining Lil and I after Max and I returned from the Google building in NYC. I thought about a night years ago when we sat out in Max’s yard. I wanted to meet in person the guy who I had been working with as independent travel editor for Transitions Abroad; Max was managing editor. He had then bought GoNOMAD where I was one of six who wrote for the start up website. Like that night this night continues to cement a friendship and GoNOMAD appreciation. I’ve never looked back about that decision to make GN my prime focus ever since.

I also was reminded of the old days at GN when just the two of us would try to hit every avenue that was open to us, we were so little and out gunned then. But Max’s push has always kept us growing so going to the Google event was pure Max, keeping us in the growth cycle and learning more every day. It felt good, always has.

The visit also gave us time to talk about things we are working on such as Max’s new GoNOMAD Plane Reader books that are doing so well on Amazon, in fact the one on Italy comes up in #1 place. (so happy and proud that several of my pieces are included) I in turn got to fill him in on the photography projects I’m now doing and love so much. Funny how even our individual projects have GN as a base.

As the summer breeze blew over the table we reminisced about the various events that happened over the years, the funny, hard and always interesting times. We share many things in common such as love of travel, reading and of course watching GN spread. In other ways we are so different, Max had to drag me kicking and screaming to begin this blog way back in 2005. He tends to think of the future and groom his many ideas about it. I love settling into a niche getting way too comfortable. Somehow it works and is a well-worn path for us.

Soon lights from the miniature remote controlled helicopters we played with started to fall from the skies and the empty beer bottles collected on the table. With panache Max sent one copter sky high, the highest one ever went before, eventually getting stuck near the top of a huge maple tree. Perhaps metaphorically leaving a beacon of swirling lights to see. The way for GoNOMAD is up and Max has raised the marker.

Welcome to Travel!