Midcoast Maine – Day Two

View from Mount Battie in Camden State Park. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty. All rights reserved. ©

There are two ways of getting to the summit of Mount Battie in Camden State Park, the easy way and the hard way. If you, like us, want to take the path less traveled, then trudge through the Nature Trail (1.2 miles), cross the auto road (the easy way), and then hike the remaining 0.5 miles. Once at the top, you will find a stern-looking tower and sailboats bobbing on the cobalt waters of the Penobscot Bay. Very coastal Maine if you know what I mean.

Our nine-month-old had his lunch at the tower and I would think enjoyed the hike as much as we did. Although he seemed more interested in nabbing an errant ant or a buzzing bee than in the wide expanse of mountain and sea that lay in front of him. But considering this was only his second time hiking, he did well. Very well, in fact. The trail was muddy, well-marked (blue blazes) and steep in places, but mostly it was nice and easy.

If you want peace and quiet at the peak, let this one go, but if scenic view trumps crowds for you, then do Mount Battie I say.