Ride the Trails through the Adirondacks

Tuesdays at the Saratoga Springs horse track are known as “dark days” however the Saratoga train track is anything but.

Aptly named the Saratoga and North Creek Railway, the 57-mile train route is perfect for passengers wanting to bet on a ‘photo finish’ of the Adirondacks. The views of the mountains of Warren County can’t be beat especially with Tom the Train Jockey at the helm.

The train runs southbound and northbound along the Hudson river through the destinations mentioned as well as Riparius, The Glen, the Glen Hudson Campground, Thurman, Stony Creek, Hadley/Luzerne and Corinth. These historical one-horse towns have little else than a colorful past from before the French and Indian war or the American Revolution to share.

The track was laid in 1871 but today the train is pulled by a nostalgic 1948 diesel engine. Before you go – read up on stories of tanneries and logging available on the new First Wilderness Corridor website.

There are two wonderful seating options: coach cars configured like Amtrak or, my personal preference – dome seats perched high above with plush table-side dining service.

The train runs at no more than 35 mph which is ideally a lot slower a pace than a race horse, a welcoming breather for many.