Senior Travel Editor, Importance of Pictures

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It was a wonderful night this past Saturday for me at the Family Traditions Gallery in Stone Ridge, my first showing of photos I’ve taken over the years. The attendance was large and interest heart warming. First and foremost are all those who have shared a longtime relationship with me over the years; old friends are gold, and I feel very rich. Others have become such an important part of my life with their help and strength during my two cancer treatments, a category I call the Ellen brigade. Ellen you are such a wonderful person and tremendous asset not just in my life, but in the life of the community. You and Ric rock!

Even from far away people who give such love and help sent tremendous support, such as the Presby Family from up in New Hampshire. My old friend Wayne who was a part of breathing life into the Mt Washington Hotel some years ago continues to send caring and strength, not to mention some damn beautiful flowers complete with a bottle of Champs tucked inside the basket of bloomers. Susan, only you could pale the beauty of such an amazing arrangement. I received so much more than the opportunity of showing my photography this past Saturday. I was given another opportunity to know just how lucky I am and how important you all are to me. Better yet just how wonderful life is, thank you for the reminders…