And then there was a Rainbow!

When it was a bit sunny and there was a bit of rain I started hoping. I love rainbows and I don’t get to see many. The trouble was that when the rainbow started happening I was on my way back from work.

Rainbow at Gurgaon
Rainbow at Gurgaon

I actually parked my car on the side and took out my DSLR and clicked. After three shots I realized that the camera said no memory. Thankfully I had the laptop with me as well, so I took the memory card out of it and went clicking. At one point there was a double rainbow but I could not click it.

The Sky Puts up a Show- A Rainbow in the Sky
The Sky Puts up a Show- A Rainbow in the Sky, Gurgaon

It was a tiring day for me but all it takes a little bit of rainbow to cheer me up even in Gurgaon.

PS. It is a busy week, hopefully from next week I will have more time. Also I am already regretting that I have not planned a trip that I can look forward to.