Bumps and Bruises at Trestle Bike Park


Downhill biking looks a lot easier than it really is. Even dressed like a gladiator I’m not the brave soul I once was. Still, from some of the most spectacular vistas in Winter Park, we took on a portion of 40 miles of trails at Trestle Bike Park.

The fear kicks off trying to mount your assigned bike to the fast-speed lift. Once that’s managed, it’s an uphill flight past downed Ponderosa pines sadly infested with pine beetle disease.

Our buddy Matt channeled his inner-child and went screaming past everyone absorbing big boulder plunges and harrowing berms. Transcending faster than a speeding bullet he took on Green World – a beginner’s trail that claims to have gentle rolling features though the rest of us beg to differ.

I flipped the bike just standing still and then almost did the same breaking for a berm. My left palm healed nicely but my ego is still bruised.