Eating Out in Camden, Maine

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Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

On the last day of our trip to midcoast Maine, my husband and I picked up our dinner from Camden’s famed Cappy’s Chowder House to have at leisure, later in our hotel room. After putting our 9-month-old to sleep, we tip-toed around the room to pull up chairs and set the table. I have realized that you need to have the skills of a cat burglar if you want to eat in the same room as a sleeping infant. They do not take lightly to the sound of crunchy plastic or clinking silverware.

Cappy’s is a loud, friendly place by the harbor where the locals and tourists (mostly the latter given Camden’s popularity as a summer destination) gather and seem in no hurry to leave. The salad was especially good, and so was the house dressing on the side. The mac n’ cheese was creamy and had chunks of soft, white lobster meat. Comfort food at its best. My husband got the wine, a French white, from a nearby store, and it paired well with the seafood fest that we had going.

Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

I am sure there are lots of good eateries around downtown, and during our short stay we had time to try just a few, of which Cappy’s and the Camden Deli deserve special mention. When you search for the deli online, the url says “The best place to eat in Camden, Maine.” And no, they are not kidding. Try the baguette stuffed with Italian cold cuts and get back to me.