New York’s Mount Rushmore

Pratt Rock in Prattsville, NY

Prattsville, NY was the hardest hit area in the state when Tropical Storm Irene rushed through Greene County last September. The Schoharie Creek rose well over 7-feet uprooting trees, washing mobile homes down the river and flooding businesses on Main Street. Today, a tapestry of loose rock and large boulders along the banks are reminders of the path of destruction.

And, while the historic hamlet continues to rebuild and revitalize you can help by visiting local attractions like Pratt Rock and the Museum.

Learn about Zadock Pratt, the town’s founder, from a mountainside cliff wall with carvings of his life. Follow a short but narrow half-track trail for about a half a mile past chairs and benches carved out of rock with shapes and symbols tied to Pratt’s prosperous past.

Delight at alabaster profiles of a horse, a hemlock tree, a muscular arm holding a sledgehammer and a wreath – among other quirky oddities that date back to 1843. Further above is a an outcropping perfect for taking photos of the valley, debris and all.