Summer Saturdays at Sycamore

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It was all about the fifties. Cars, carhops, fuzzy dice, burger and shakes, and of course, the music. The tunes would make you want to twirl, and twirl they did. How often do you see couples dancing on parking lots of drive-ins in Bethel? For that matter, how often do you see drive-ins in Connecticut?

Sycamore Drive-In Restaurant is a local favorite, and its Dagwood Burger is the most sought after item on the menu. Not without good reason though. I go there often and one of these days I will gather enough will to click a few pictures before pouncing on the burger the moment it is placed in front of me, and I will write about the checkered floors, the Formica tables and everything else in details.

This post is meant to showcase the hot rods from Cruise Night, a summer Saturday event when vintage car owners proudly show off their prized possessions. All American classics from a time in history when poodle skirts were in, and so were sock hops and rock ‘n’ roll.

Photos by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Now, if only the gas prices were also be from the fifties, wouldn’t that be nice?