Traveling Crews Stay Busy during Political Seasons

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With the advent of cheap video cameras (anything under 10-grand is cheap) and the ease at which to start a small business, the competition in the video production field grows more intense every day. Experience, skill and worthy equipment (anything over 10-grand) is a must in my book but, then again, it’s a client’s budget that determines quantity and quality.

Rather than curse the new entrants, I’ve come to embrace them resulting in my learning a thing or two about different equipment and techniques. Scott Alexander of TVCREWNY is not a new entrant but rather a seasoned pro that I was thrilled to work with this week.

Based out of Syracuse but able to travel the planet if need be, Scott has a sweet shooter system that includes the Canon 5d DSLR with dozens of prime lenses, filters and accessories. Along with his crack team of friendly freelancers, I pitched in to set up lighting and run cable. In the biz, this role is called a “grip.” Scott owns a whopping four HMI lights!

For those disoriented by this blog, all you have to know is a HMI or hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide light is king in the industry. No reputable production company travels without one or in Scott’s case – four of them.

My favorite location shoot included a wonderful coffee house in downtown Glens Falls called The North Country Coffee Cafe on South Street. Thank you to Owner, Susan Stone for keeping us ‘fueled’ during the final hours.