Writing, then Talk the Talk

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I happened to catch the new slogan to attract visitors to the Catskill Mountains in the Daily Freeman this morning, “ The Catskills, Always in Season”. I later read an email from a PR Firm that handles travel. I immediately though how there are so many different words and phrases that make up a mini-language a sub –talk understood by those in a profession or team. For example hosting meaning no payment for accommodations or services during a visit to a location. I can easily see where a newcomer could get very confused until the buzzwords are learned.

It made me think of a book I bought a long way back called, “Talk the Talk, The Slang of 65 American Subcultures”. The lingo of Birders, Circus People, Nudists and such are given in dictionary like layout. I happened to be finishing an article on Long Beach and thought why not see if there was a section that might fit for my trip in the book. I found several and decided to try this afternoon, sharpen up the piece. Sharpen up the piece, fresh from the writer’s section! The next time I end up at a skinhead bash or chasing a robin through the woods I’ll pull out Talk the Talk and do just that. Pull up my braces and get ready for the boot party