Yellow-bellied Marmots of the Rocky Mountains

Friendly Baby Marmot atop Rocky Mountain National Park

Marmot of the Mountain

Large Ground Squirrels, aka Marmots

Bundle up tight if you’re going to venture up any of the peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. Even in late August the conditions are unpredictable and the winds are gusty. That doesn’t seem to bother the yellow-bellied marmots though.

Marmots are categorized as large ground squirrels that burrow into rock piles in the grassy tundra. I’m at over 11,000 feet just past the Alpine Visitor Center at the crest of Trail Ridge Road.

When Mama Marmot needs to gather the attention of her babies she squeals a high pitched whistle that gets the critters running.

Marmots hibernate throughout the winter so the early fall months are spent fattening up on berries, flowers and lichen.