Zipping Over to Colorado for the Week

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“You’ll be clocking in at 40 mph on the last zip-line” repeated our guide. “And, at 1600 ft in length, oh, what a view!”

My introduction to Grand County, Colorado on Sunday was this thrill ride at an upscale resort called Devil’s Thumb Resort. The 5 zip-line tour just opened in May to help satisfy a growing number of adrenaline junkies.

Colorful stories linger behind names like “The Take-No-Prisoners Line” and “The Stagecoach Line” and “The High Lonesome Line” so you’re experiencing both a mix of history with adventure.

One of our brave souls included a 75-year old Colorado native who’s three sons surprised him with this birthday present. He turned out to be quite fearless – dashing to the front of the line and letting gravity take over.