A Day at a Russian “Dacha”

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Dacha Picnic

County getaways in Russia are a long-standing tradition for nearly all Russians, regardless of socioeconomic status.

To take a break from the crowded, fast-paced conveniences of living in a city they escape to their ?dacha? or summer retreat. The property doesn?t need electricity or heat to satisfy ? even a dacha hobbled together with old boards and a tin roof qualifies, but a lush garden with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is critical.

We had the honor of visiting Elena?s summer estate for a picnic spread of gargantuan proportions. Dozens of friends of the Albany-Tula Alliance, along with new faces, arrived with gifts for our host – another valued tradition.

Elena spent hours on a one-burner stove preparing a storm of hearty home-cooked favorites.

We felt like royalty sipping tall glasses of Kvass – a bread cider and juicy meat on a skewer.

Photos to be posted soon!