Home and Bear Hunting in Ulster County

It has been a very tough few weeks, cancer treatments can take an amazingly long time to get past, if ever. Still you plug away knowing you must. I even spent a few nights at the Sloan Hospital, it seems all tests were passed and I’m feeling good and back to the Mac finally. My new dreaded and hated enemy is AOL and even my 15 year old email address is done so if you want my new one drop a message and I’ll send it through my G Mail address and it will get mailed out soon.

I had a wonderful country style message on my phone on my return, ” welcome home and by the way seems like you got a new member of the house hold. A big black bear keeps coming around your house from the meadow in the back. Well anyway welcome home and lets get together soon”. I fired up the drone and hit the video, modern day bear hunting!