Sense of Wonder

Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Am I losing my sense of wonder? Quite possibly, yes. Did I just bury my head in my phone researching an article while we passed a confetti of fall colors on our way back from New Hampshire? Yes. Did I pick up the perfect leaf (I am particularly fond of the fiery red sugar maples) and put it between the pages of a big, fat book? No. Did I go out with my camera and wait for the perfect light in which to capture the bright oranges, and yellows, and pinks? No.

Fall is still my favorite time of the year. Halloween is the greatest holiday in my book. I like donning scarves and boots, picking crisp apples and wading through mud and mire to find the perfect little pumpkin for the porch. But in the midst of fall, I have started dreading the onset of winter, the shorter days and the icy roads.

In an attempt to regain my sense of wonder, I have decided to try and spend some time outdoors every day. And learn from my one-year-old. Little ones find joy in the simplest of things, sometimes even the mundane. Now if only I could do the same.