Discovering Columbia County on Turkey Day

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Wilson Powell Wildlife Sanctuary

Wilson Powell Wildlife Sanctuary

Chatham Sheep Herding Farm

Before stuffing the face with turkey we earned a second helping of gravy with a hike through Columbia County.

Wilson Powell Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Alan Devoe Bird Club is another hidden treasure not far from Albany. Dad, Bev, George and I decided to venture along the white-marked foot trail stopping to admire the views from Dorson’s Rock overlook and look for old milk bottles at an old farm foundation in a marshy lowland.

Other than a few chickadees we didn’t spot any anticipated red-tailed hawk or even a cottontailed rabbit. A few fresh dog tracks were clearly visible despite the ‘No Dog’ rule.

There was no telling what we’d see if we could have kept quiet but the ear-piercing rustle of dead leaves kept all the wild critters away. At one point we veered off the path onto an old logging road wedged between private property signs and a beautiful hideaway home. As the pond drew near we had no choice but to turn around and find where we missed our turn.

Going home we passed large stretches of sheep land, cemetery grounds and beautiful red barns.