Lowest Airfares Offered by the Various Airlines in India

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I was not always a fan of flying. There were two reasons for it. Tickets used to be expensive and I used to be a student with a very small pocket. Leaves were not an issue. I have lived through the time when to do a flight booking you had to contact a travel agent! Now that was a hassle too! I am so used to booking all my flights online now!

But now as I work, leaves are an issue. So if I can I prefer flying to save time. But I am quite value conscious so I do look for flights that are cheap be it from Air India or GoAiror anyone else! My best flight booking experience has been for my Delhi-Kathmandu flight in May 2015. I got it for 6500 rupees return! I have paid much more for a lot of my domestic flights actually.

Air India Planes, T3, New Delhi

Air India Planes, T3, New Delhi

However I find it quite tricky to keep up with the lowest fares. I have only two tricks up my sleeve, comparing fares and checking the website of a particular airline to know if they are directly offering the lowest fare. I have heard that there are apps which would alert you (or was it that someone was looking for such an app) when the price on a particular segment falls below a certain price level. Now that sounded like a very useful thing to have  but two things might be an issue for me in this. One is that I am not at all app savvy. Apart from using Facebook and Twitter from my cell phone I use no other apps, not even instagram. And secondly, I am not sure at all that the lowest fare will tally with the days when I can take leave!

What do you say? Do you bother about low cost tickets? What are your favorite ways for searching for them?