My Most Expensive Dip Ever- Alive is Awesome

It was a cloudy morning and I was out even before the first rays of sun! It was my last day in the paradise and I wanted to make it special. I walked the few steps from my hotel and I was at the beach. There was no one around apart from a few dogs. Thankfully they paid no attention to me. I soaked in the serene atmosphere and inhaled the sea air without any residue of fumes!

There was the lone Mangrove tree with its root all exposed due to the low tide, I could spot a few birds as well. I was content to wait for the sun to come out. For a while it felt that clouds would rule, like they did the previous evening and I was really thinking why did I even get out of my comfortable bed?

But then the sun came out and it was gorgeous! Havelock looked even more beautiful if that was possible.


Sunrise at Havelock, Andaman Islands, India
Sunrise at Havelock, Andaman Islands, India

After the sun got too high to get any more reasonable shots, I decided to take a walk. I love walking and I love walking barefoot. By now if you are wondering what happened to my most expensive dip, just have some patience.

With my Canon D 350 and a brand new 70-300 zoom mounted on it, I decided to click a few bird pictures. I put my cell phone (my first with touch screen and 5 megapixel camera) in my pocket and concentrated on spotting the birds. I managed to click a few pictures but of the type that never even made it to my blog! Walking with my head firmly stuck in the trees above I started wading through the shallow water to get closer to a bird. Something poked in my heel rather sharply and I started falling in slow motion. I ‘saw’ myself falling, I was falling so slow. At the same time I tried desperately tried to break my fall because I could see clearly what was going to happen.

In the end I heard a loud thud and there I was, in the water with my SLR, my brand new lens and my cell phone. This ladies and gentlemen has been my most expensive dip ever! The camera and lens were immediately gone, never to be recovered. I could salvage my cell phone after I came back and but after a few fits and starts it conked off too. However when I was narrating my woes to my husband he said, “Don’t you think you were lucky that you didn’t break a bone?” In the end we still had to say Alive is Awesome!

I have construed many ‘what if’ scenarios since then. The most prominent was that I should have just slept till late, after all it is an easy thing to do! That way I would not have the sunrise experience but I would still have my camera and cell phone. But in the end I had to let go, what happened, happened. I thought I would not buy a camera but I bought another one (my current Canon D 550) within five months along with another zoom lens. Add this too to the cost and I am sure the Havelock fall is going to remain my most expensive ‘bath’ in a long long time, hopefully forever!

PS. This post is part of Alive is Awesome Bathing Experience by Cinthol. It has been great fun reliving my memories with this series. It is also awesome to see what time does to the experiences! Many memories become dim but not the awesome ones!