Stone Valley Rapids in St. Lawrence County

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Stone Valley Trail, Colton, NY

Stone Valley Trail, Colton, NY

Stone Valley Trail, Colton, NY

A light drizzle, slippery leaves and a brisk 34 degrees couldn’t keep us away from Stone Valley Trail today. After all, we drove a whopping four hours from Albany to St.Lawrence County to photograph this popular Adirondack whitewater run and there was no returning to the Capital Region without a story.

The website warns that only advanced kayakers are to run the rapids. Indeed, the fast and furious running water is almost deafening to the ear while the vertical cliff canyons leave little room for error for Class V experts. Crystal clear and super cold, the reservoir is great for trout fishing but best for kayaking.

We each grabbed a Leki walking stick, an extra fleece and hit the 7-mile round trip trailheads of Colton, NY. Dad and Bev have seen unpredictable currents and dangerous obstructions take paddlers under for several minutes.

The volume of water that drops that first mile is startling. We watched and waited… and waited… but, nothing.

There would be no daring moments to capture. Still, we made for higher ground on the pathway to explore and discover bizarre natural phenomenons like these circular “tubs.”