A Waiting Game for the Next Big Trip

Town of Gruene, Texas
Town of Gruene, Texas

It’s impossible to keep up with the number of new travel sites vying for customer’s vacation dollars. Every day a new flash travel site debuts to compete with the major players like Groupon Getaways, SniqueAway, Deal Angel, LivingSocial Excapes and Jetsetter.

During the holidays my inbox gets especially inundated with press releases from companies wanting me to blog about their services. It would be unethical to post a review and not actually have ever been there or used their services so I mostly just toss them in the trash. Firsthand accounts with photos and the occasional quote is what makes a review credible.

If, on my travels with PilotGirl Productions, I have time to explore and learn about an area’s culture, cuisine and recreation, then great, I’ll do it. And, like many curious travelers I’ll gladly swap a good nights sleep to learn where the best sushi in town is or a beautiful hiking trail lies.

But, if I’m caught in what is called ‘editing’ mode, an incredibly confining space where I kick, scream and cry to escape, there’s nothing travel-related to blog about. This week was just that.

Hopefully, all that will change soon so bare with me as I nervously pace back and forth waiting for the next big trip.