Shock, Outrage and God Knows What!

Those of you who read my blog you know I only write about travel. I hardly ever venture out of my comfort zone. But the Delhi Gang Rape has just gone inside my head, I can’t get it out. I can’t vent too, just too shocked. So sharing two posts with you.

The first is from Facebook by Kalki.

Where are our real, present day women portrayed on screen? Where is the woman who goes to work, shares a place with her boyfriend, takes public transport and goes for a drink or a movie on the weekend? In our on screen fictions the ‘modern’ girl is rich enough to have a chauffeur driven car and the ‘conservative’ girl is so poor and pious that she doesn’t need anything but a man as answers to her prayers. Where are our women vegetable vendors, cab drivers, construction workers, writers, artists, students or porn downloading youth? How often are they represented on our screens?

The second is by the eminent lawyer Naina Kapur of the Vishikha fame. Her post is more reasoned, coming out of her years of experience in the supreme court. It requires a careful read.

Yet we continue to suffer the indignity of band-aid solutions drenched in archaic language which still refers to women as “victims” rather than “complainants”– and so perpetuates an ongoing stereotype of the “appropriate victim”; which pedals protectionist reform rather than preventive measures, thus permitting leaders to abdicate their professional responsibility to facilitate proactive change; and which rely on misguided dramatics as the sole qualification for flawed and uninformed “solutions”. Such reactions not only betray the deep essence of current public outrage, but compound the indignity and torture that brave young Patient X has suffered.  Her tragedy brings us to a crossroad of unanswered questions which we have deflected through years of knee jerk reaction and mindless reform on women and sexual assault.

(Bold emphasis mine).