The City of Wegmans

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“Oh, you’re from Albany, I’m so sorry to hear that,” smiles the cheese monger at “Super Wegmans,” the flagship location of the chain in Pittsford, NY.

Yes, Albany doesn’t quite yet have a Wegmans but that doesn’t stop my Producer and I from shopping for groceries while we’re on assignment in Rochester.

My producer purposely totes around a large cooler in cases like this. Before we shop for holiday presents and our take-out dinners, I introduce Jennifer to “The Food Bar.”

The casual-dining concept is common in the Virginia and Maryland locations but not so much here in New York. In fact, the Pittsford Food Bar is the only one in the state and it makes for the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat before we shop in this hulking supermarket the size of a small city.

Inspired by the feel of a “New England clam shack,” I order the Mahi Mahi sandwich smeared with Remoulade sauce and a cup of chowder. More seared fresh-to-order favorites include signature crab cakes, colossal shrimp, citrus soy sauce sea scallops and Atlantic farm-raised salmon. There’s even steamed clams and mussels in red curry or a Lobster Roll to pick from.

In addition to juices, milk and soft drinks, there’s also three wines on tap: a New York State Riesling, Long Island Cabernet Franc and a California White blend.

Following lunch we’re confident that we can shop the density of vast choices here faster and wiser than on an empty belly…. just barely though. The sushi bar opens up on an olive bar then a cheese bar, a tea bar and a cookie bar.

Damn! There’s better nightlife here than in New Orleans.

For dessert, we sample a sweet holiday treat called Petite Theodore Rum Raisin cheese among a staggering variety of gourmet choices followed by an Almond Sugar Cookie tea.