Snowshoeing Basin Pond in the Berkshires

Basin Pond in Becket, Massachusetts
Basin Pond in Becket, Massachusetts

“Snow is not only a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”
~ me

The Capital Region finally has snow. Beautiful, glorious, heavenly snow!

I may not own a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle (yet) or a snow blower for the driveway (yet) but that’s no excuse for not playing in fresh powder. My advice – drive slower and use a shovel.

And with that, Mutti and I were off to ski Basin Pond between the towns of Lee and Becket, Massachusetts, this week.

Nearing our destination, my Mazda started to slip and slide causing Mutti to briefly panic. I accelerated up Becket Road to avoid skidding backwards and dug the car into the last parking spot available – only 4 spots in total.

A large 100-plus pound Golden Retriever came bouncing out of the trail to say hello. Its’ owners had just completed the 3-mile loop with snowshoes. They looked dubiously at our skis and suggested that we hike instead.

Ten minutes into navigating the rock-strewn terrain, over cascading streams and curvy descents, we did just that.

Branches of mixed conifers balanced heavy coats of snow while buried hemlock groves hinted at their presence. Chickadees rejoiced in our company and an occasional burst of sunshine shone through the canopy of tendrils above us. Nothing can paint a picture as beautiful as Mother Nature in the Winter.