Diving off the Coast of Honduras


I’m blogging this week from off the coast of Honduras in a archipelago called The Bay Islands. It’s a fairly remote scuba diving paradise called Guanaja and one of the last undisturbed Robinson Crusoe-like islands that still looks exactly like it did when Columbus navigated these waters.

It took a puddle jumper from the coast followed by a bumpy boat ride to arrive at La Giralda Resort. We were welcomed with fresh coconut water while tropical sherpas hauled our luggage onto dry land.

The ‘we’ I’m referring to are 10 professional Master Divers from all over the country. They’re here to review the dozens of corral-laden dive sites that surround Guanaja Island. The reefs here are part of the Meso-american barrier system, the second largest in the world.


Our overnight accommodations are the Villas of La Giralda, a name derived from the weather vane on top of the Cathedral in Spain which pointed the way when Columbus set sail in 1502. The architect laureate of the resort is Lane Pettigrew RIBA who greeted us briefly at the San Pedro Sula airport.

Would love to write more but the water is calling and it’s time for me to don some much-needed SPF.

See you at the surface!