Diving the Jado Trader off the Bay Islands

Tina Perkins - SCUBA BUDDY


Could I be in better company this week? My new scuba buddies are professional diving instructors who own their own shops, teach and have nearly 10,000 dives between them.

I, on the other hand, am lucky to have double digits since being certified in 2003. The peace of mind and sense of calm I get around them is just what I need to descend into the abyss.

The third dive (today) was to explore a huge submerged shipwreck called The Jado Trader at 110 feet under. The freighter was scuttled in 1987 to form one of the richest artificial reefs in the Caribbean. We dove around the giant structure ducking in and out of cargo holes looking for hiding green moray eels.

My buddy Tina brought along her flash-supplied underwater camera to capture the scene. It was a little creepy seeing a wreck on its way to becoming engulfed with coral, sponge and other marine life.

I was so overtaken with the photogenic freighter I didn’t realize when I started to mistakenly ascent before my 3-minute safety stop. As expected, my buddies came to my rescue and yanked me back out of the red zone and away from danger.