Fireside Hangouts in Washington, D.C.

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And, as a tribute to another victorious State of the Union speech, I compiled a small list of favorite eateries (admittedly from research done by others) where the POTUS likes to go. The President has a penchant for food and he has plenty of choice in the nation’s capital.

1. The Oval Room – Only steps away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, here you can rub elbows with the DC’s movers and shakers.
2. Napoleon’s Bistro Lounge – Make your next cocktail the Black Forest Berry Bonapartini in honor of Obama’s favorite drink.
3. Restaurant Nora – America’s first certified organic restaurant also plays host to the First Couple during birthdays and anniversaries.
4. Georgetown Cupcakes – Stars of the hit series DC Cupcakes, the sisters helped prepare a private celebration for Sasha’s 10th birthday.
5. Good Stuff Eatery – The beefy chef honored Obama’s inauguration this year by bringing back a gooey, sloppy mess called the ‘Prez Obama burger’
6. Equinox – Ask for table 21, next to the kitchen. Its where they enjoyed truffled mac and cheese days before the inauguration.
7. Blue Duck Tavern – Listed in “100 Very Best Restaurants” in the February, 2013 Washingtonian magazine. Article is due online on February 19th.
8. Ben’s Chili Bowl – The website video of the President proves he loves this, in his words ‘terrific’ Washington landmark.

For more ideas on how to play in President Obama’s backyard, check out this article at