Flying the “Mayan” Skies of Honduras

Capt Juan Franco of CM Airlines

Bay Islands of Honduras

Did you know that the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards? There are 42 species popular in Honduras and I caught sight of at least a couple this week. One of them, the Esmeralda, sits atop the wings of CM Airlines with service that’s just as fast. CM stands for “Cielo Maya” or Mayan sky.

My virgin flight with CM included a 1 hour commute from San Pedro Sula, on the mainland of Honduras, to the Island of Guanaja. My turbo prop lifted off with nearly all 19 leather seats filled with anxious scuba-divers. Our pilot, Captain Juan Franco, welcomed passengers to take quick photos of him as he safely circled other islands on our way to Guanaja.

Captain Franco is the happy fellow in the above photo moments before my return flight home yesterday. Like Franco who hails from India, CM airlines operates with pilots that are recognized at an international level.

It’s not often that I blog about being aboard a small commuter. Many are know only for their loud turbines and antiquated propellers. But, CM Airlines is different. Plus, it’s the only way to get to the Bay Islands in time for an evening cocktail while watching the Caribbean sun melt in the ocean.

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