Weekly Link Love

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Here we are, at the beginning of a brand new week. Apart from the mundane, the usual, what can we do to make this week special? Here’s a list of things you can read, do, make, or let’s just say, give a damn about. And no, I will not ask you to vote for your favorite Super Bowl commercial. I promise.

Go see a bunch of hats on display. I kid you not. These are magical hats. All from stories by the good doctor, Dr. Seuss. The venue is The New York Public Library at 42nd street. You have till February 11, after which the show will move to another location. And yes, it’s a touring exhibition.

While we are in the New York state of mind, take a peek at what New Yorkers wear. I know you want to.

If you want to look stylish like a New Yorker, you got to be in shape. Go for a hike. Take a dance lesson. Take your dog for a long walk. Whatever you do, do not listen to Dr. Oz.

And last but not the least, what’s for dinner tonight? Here’s an easy, quick, one-dish dinner, Caramelized Chicken, from Sophie Wright’s Home at 7, Dinner at 8.