Museum Musts on the Tampa Riverwalk

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Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay History Center

Spring Break 2013 is in full session in Tampa, Florida. Bars, night clubs, beach hotels and theme parks wait all year for this sudden surge in student turn-over.

If you revel in burning bodies and intoxication – hey, more power to you but if you’re like me and prefer quiet enlightenment over loud primitiveness, there’s a place for us to unwind too. It’s called a museum and downtown Tampa has dozens to pick from.

Can learning still be fun even on Spring Break? You bet it can and better still is that most are quiet during Spring Break so you have the exhibits and galleries all to yourself.

After you’ve had enough sun, stop by the state-of-the-art History Center in the civilized Waterfront District and learn about the history of Hillsborough County – a history that few locals are even aware of.

Use the super modern Curtis Hixon Riverfront Park and sidewalks to ‘Segway’ between the Museum of Photographic Arts, Glazer Childrens Museum, and Tampa Museum of Arts.

Read more alternatives to being adolescent all week, with the exception of going wild and crazy eating out in Tampa. But, more on that tomorrow.