Wanderlust- When did I Catch it?

I am sometimes asked- when did I start to travel? Well there are two answers to it. One is that I started traveling after I stopped being active at sports. But these days a different answer suggests itself to me. And that is, I hardly travel! I have not yet started traveling, I want to travel much more.

Now if you ask me when I started travel blogging the answer is more definitive. I started blogging in June 2005. At that point of time I was stuck in a very lousy job and travel writing was an escape. At that point of time there were few India travel blogs. That was also the time when people used to ask you, “Who reads your blog?” Things have changed since then.

Blogging seems to have exploded. Some of my friends went on to quit their full time jobs and make a living out of travel. There is a new breed of bloggers who started in a better blogging landscape.

But I am most puzzled by a personal development. In 2005 or so I would probably travel 4 times a year, maybe even less. I remember in 2008 I went out only twice. In 2012 I traveled almost every month and I started this year thinking that would it would fine if I traveled every month.

Shovling the Snow, The Khyber, Gulmarg

Shovling the Snow, The Khyber, Gulmarg

This year also started fine, we traveled to Chennai for a family vacation, then we went to Alwar in Rajasthan. Now February went blank but I went to Gulmarg in March. And there are two more trips planned for March, of which I am sure at least one will happen. Chances are both will happen.

What caught me by surprise was the restlessness after the Gulmarg trip. I usually do not get restless after a trip for at least a month. But that is changing. I was restless as soon as I recovered from the tiredness of the trip! I wanted to go out again after two days! Now with a full time job and a young naughty child that is simply not possible. But the year is young and I hope I will get ample opportunities to test my theory.

I wonder if this is how things are going to be how long will I resist? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my work in academics but wanderlust is creeping on me and it is becoming worse with age! And I no longer feel sure, I no longer feel in control!