“We’re at The Sherry”

The Sherry Netherland Hotel and Apts

The Sherry Netherland Hotel Suites and Apts

The Sherry Netherland Hotel and Apts
(A flat screen television is hidden behind the framed Monet)

“We’re at The Sherry” is one of those expressions that socialite-wanna-be’s aim to repeat at one point or another in their life.

This glitzy 4-star on Fifth Ave is officially known as The Sherry-Netherland and was designed by the same name as the Waldorf Astoria. It towers over Central Park and Grand Army Plaza with carriage horses patiently waiting for customers across the street.

Yesterday, I filmed hours of dizzying views of Central Park, breathing in intoxicating wafts of luxury and privilege from the 12th floor. I giggled like a school kid filming white-gloved operators run wood-lined elevators and celebrities parading through the glittering lobby.

Marble mosaic floors, sparkling chandeliers, ornamental friezes, The Sherry has all the romantic touches you’d expect from the city’s finest gilded apartment-hotel or co-op. In other words, you’re sure to bump into a famous personality or politician that calls this landmark, home. Judge Judy used to be one of them. Just recently, she sold her pied-à-terre (second home) for a mere $9 million compared to the 18th floor apartment that sold for an astronomical $95 million earlier this year. To be fair, the latter has 7,000 square feet and an additional 2,000 square feet in outdoor space.

I did some sleuthing and found out it was owned by Gilbert Haroche, founder of Liberty Travel and sold to a very, very, very rich Brazilian couple.

The ultra-affluent dine at Harry Cipriani’s, the restaurant off the lobby duplicated from the original Harry’s Bar in Venice.