Giving the Gift of Education; Capital Region Sponsor-a-Scholar

Sponsor-a-Scholar videos from PilotGirl Productions on Vimeo.

The last couple months have been spent working with some amazing students, mentors and guidance counselors of the not-profit Capital Region Sponsor-a-Scholar program. Embedded here (just push the arrow above) are 3 of 4 marketing videos that I thought I’d share with my readers.

The program provides high school students of low-income families with an extra push in resources and services to help elevate their grades from C’s to A’s giving them the opportunity to go to college. Even after high school, the program continues ensuring success for an additional two, four or six years in college.

Results prove that the cycle of poverty stops once and for all when a family member graduates with an education that he or she is passionate about. In the case of Naquan King, undergrad at Rochester Institute of Technology, his future holds great promise in the business and engineering world.

Thanks for watching!

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