House Renting Anyone?

It has been quite some since we did any house hunting for renting purposes. But those were the days, when we would go searching for a Makaan! In the initial days my husband and I stayed in two different cities. I was in the hostel and he would stay with his friends. I would get to hear a lot of stories about his experiences both in Chennai and Bangalore. Apparently it is a bit easy to get a house for rent in Bangalore if you are related to the software industry.

In those days I also used to get to hear a lot of stories about his flat mates and some of them were really hilarious. For example my husband started learning violin when he used to stay with 3-4 other flatmates and if you have not heard a beginner playing violin you are blessed. It sounds like a cat in real distress. He used praise his roommates all the time that they really put up with all that violin racket. After 14 years later he is a lot better at it!

Places we Call Home

Places we Call Home

Some of his other woes had been related to water. He managed to find property sites without really looking at the water supply. I on the other hand did not stay much in rented places. After renting 3-4 houses we moved into our own. Before that I was at the hostel. But even we had a very interesting experience.

We used to stay at a place that we fondly remember. It was one of the most badly built pieces of real estate that I have ever seen. My two nephews and we used to stay together. We used to keep the entire house upside down (not that we are much better now) and almost always something or other would be falling apart. But the way we used to laugh then! It is still the most talked about place we ever stayed at in our home!