The Gut-Busting NY TAP Festival at Hunter Mountain

TAP FESTIVAL85 breweries, fifteen of which just started operations this year, will be showing off their suds at the annual NY TAP FESTIVAL this weekend.

If you’re like me (is it a curse or not being German?) you’ll want to stop drinking now (it’s Tuesday) and save up your calorie count to sample all 85.

Chocolate peanut butter, coffee, pumpkin and banana nut are the mainstays but new seasonal sensations like Watermelon Wheat, Strawberry Cream and Raspberry Jalapeno from Ithaca’s Bandwagon Brewpub sound just as yummy.

Other breweries of interest include Sloop Brewing’s “The Sauer Peach,” Three Heads Brewing’s “Bromigo Smoked Maple Amber Ale,” and Rohrbach Brewing’s “Pineapple Wheat.” You won’t find Anheuser-Busch, Coors, or Miller products here!

Get your recommended daily or monthly dose of fruits and carbohydrates all in one weekend.

Tickets are going faster than a college kid pounding a keg so act quickly – CLICK HERE: TICKETS

After that, watch this entertaining ditty was made by cheerleaders who love the beers at the community supported “Beer Diviner.” I’m personally anxious to try their Ancient Gruit Ale that aims to defeat the drowsy effects of hops with a slightly psychotropic concoction of medicinal herbs.

See you at the experimentation tables!

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