The Rushing Duck Makes a Splash in Orange County

Dan Hitchcock of Rushing Duck Brewery

Village of Chester, Home of Rushing Duck Brewery

Rushing Duck Brewery, Chester, NY

Village of Chester, Home of Rushing Duck Brewery

It’s not the “Russian Duck” but rather the “Rushing Duck” that had us splashing through Chester, NY (Orange County) today to find the elusive brewery. Tucked inside the bottom floor of an old gray warehouse, sans signage or anything to indicate it is a place of business, we finally found the popular watering hole.

Inside, dozens of brew fans hugged their growlers like children. One patron even showed us how he safely buckles his Beanhead Coffee Porter to a bright orange baby-car seat. Drinking a 750-milliliter bottle is intimidating enough but the bigger-is-better principle obviously works here.

We waddled up to the sample area where owner Dan Hitchcock, fiancee Nikki Cavanaugh and Chief-taste-tester Tony Minerva filled shots of their newest Spring seasonal: Bauli Saison. Fruity, spicy, light, thirst-quenching, delicious.

I asked Dan where the name came from.

“My grandfather used to pour beer during prohibition and a metal pail was used to catch the beer. The pail was called ‘the duck’ and filling it up was called ‘rushing the duck.’

Rest-in-peace, Dan’s grandfather lived just long enough to see his grandson’s dream of owning a brewery take shape.

The Rushing Duck Brewery is one of over 65 New York Craft Brewers pouring bocks, porters, pales and stouts at TAP New York this month. Tickets are going fast for this Hunter Mountain beer and food festival.

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