Close Encounters with the African Lion!

The wildlife experience at the Manyeleti Game Reserve with the Tintswalo Safari Lodge has been beyond expectations, if you need a proof look below.

African Lion, Manyeleti Game Reserve, South Africa

African Lion, Manyeleti Game Reserve, South Africa

Some of my encounters have been so close I actually shot with the normal (18-55 mm) lens rather than the 75-300. However the above picture has been shot by the 75-300. We were so close to two sleeping lions that we could hear them breathe. This one just lifted its head once or twice and then went back to sleep completely unconcerned about two jeeps full of human beings.

A Sleepy African Lion, Manyeleti Game Reserve South Africa

A Sleepy African Lion at the Manyletei Game Reserve, South Africa

Folks I have no internet in my room and I am typing this from the lobby and my colleagues are waiting for dinner. So have to go. Two more days in South Africa but the safaris have come to an end. You can never go back home the same person after visiting South Africa!