Setting Sale in Stormville, NY

Garage Sale

As storms washed away most of Memorial Weekend I found myself in Stormville, NY.

Not filming, hiking or sightseeing the quaint Dutchess County village but, rather, helping family members with a garage sale. Yes, a garage sale.

This was not your run-of-the-mill scavenger auction with dusty books, worn baby clothes or broken plastic toys.

Instead, 40 years worth of thousands of expensive tools lined pegboards, work benches and rusty cabinets inside a cramped garage. Incomplete bed frames, antique chairs and decorative accents lined the walls waiting for the master touch. Piles of nails, sandpaper, levels, mallets and tape measures sat frozen in time.

This was the life’s work of one of the best early American craftsmen in the industry – someone that Ethan Allen, the furniture store, often hired to design favorite pieces. His name was Sandy and he wore safety goggles, ear protection and gloves while he worked. He carved, sculpted and created beautiful heirlooms for others to enjoy.

But, did he or anyone think twice about the toxicity of years of paint fumes? Cancer did and cancer was the reason for the garage sale.

Dozens of unsuspecting customers were delighted to find rare gems for practically nothing. The goldmine was especially enjoyed by buyers who knew the worth of the stuff being sold.

I think I even saw a glimmer of comfort in Barbara’s face when she saw how excited others got when they bought one of her husbands treasures. I too found creative pieces to brighten my own house.

I think Sandy was watching.